Ruben Najera Kaninchen Fetisch

2019-12-12 22:51

Ruben Najera is the youngest fetish carver of the Laate clan of carvers. He carves exclusively with Antler and his specialty is birds. He recently carved a series of truetolife sandhill cranes for a New Mexico wildlife refuge.Buy Antler Koala Zuni Fetish by Ruben Najera at PuebloDirect. com Ruben Najera Kaninchen Fetisch

Zuni fetish carvers featured artists include Emery Boone, Lena Boone, Maxx Laate, Claudia Peina, Ruben Najera, and, Dan Quam

Ruben Najera was taught by and trained by his older brother Estaban, starting when he was only 15 years old. Ruben loves to carve nontraditional images. He loves art and that is what fetish carving means to him. His output is evolving to include scenes rather than just single images. He wants to tell a story through his carvings. Lifelike Zuni fetish Carvings. Zuni Fetish Antler Dragonfly. Carved by Ruben Najera. 1 12 tall x 2 14 275 (Janine Fenton Collection) ZuniRuben Najera Kaninchen Fetisch Ruben Najera; Russell Shack; Zuni Rabbit Carving Fetishes; Zuni Fetish Gallery N 12th St Phoenix, AZ. Newsletter.

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Ruben Najera Kaninchen Fetisch kostenlos

Zuni Fetishes by noted Zuni Carver, Ruben Najera, are often made from Elk Antler accentuating the fine beauty of the eagles, bats, other birds from Zuni Pueblo, found in Penfield Gallery in Albuquerque. Ruben Najera Kaninchen Fetisch Buy Antler Bird Family Zuni Fetish by Ruben Najera at PuebloDirect. com Artist: Ruben Najera Size: 1 1316 H Price: 90. 00 Nicely done and really cute! Click here to order online or call tollfree at. Zuni Indian, Hummingbird Fetish carved by Ruben Najera; Apple Coral; 1 14 inches wide, 1 inch deep, 2 14 inches tall